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Planning a Bright Future

The Garfield County Library was awarded bronze level accreditation from the Nebraska Library Commission last month. In order to achieve this a group of amazing community members came together to make a plan for the future of the library- below you'll find our goals for the next three years. These goals are based on the responses to our community survey.

(You'll see that improving communication through a blog is one of our goals, done!)

If you have a special skill or would just like to contribute to the library and community- please reach out! It takes a village (or county!) to make a successful library.

(308) 346-4711

Community Needs

#1 More Children’s Programs

There are very few things for kids to do after school in Garfield County. The library is closed two week days after school. There are few activities for very young children in the area, including both special events and childcare. There is not currently a Young Adult reading section at the library, the few Young Adult books in the collection are shelved with the regular adult fiction.

GOAL: Increase after-school programs.


1. Start Clubs for youth who need after school activities: Lego Club, Reading Club, and others as interest warrants.

2. Connect with the local Extension Office to share information and services.

GOAL: Add a Young Adult section.


1. Weed adult Non-fiction to make space.

2. Shift books to free up shelving.

3. Buy or repurpose seating.

4. Begin a Teen Advisory Council to maintain and add books to this collection.

GOAL: More Pre-K Engagement


1. Contact and meet with local preschools & daycares.

2. Resume Storytime services based on community response.

3. Begin a paper database of current available Childcare in the area. Do appropriate marketing.

4. Reach out to NDE to determine methods of support for Pre-K teachers and childcare workers.

#2 More Open Hours

GOAL: Determine Community Needs/Wants as they relate to hours


1. Conduct a supplemental survey asking what specific days/hours our community wants the library to be open.

2. Determine how many additional hours are needed.

3. Build 2 sample schedules.

GOAL: Increase Funding


1. Determine the amount of additional tax needed to fund requested open hours.

2. Propose a tax increase specifically designated to the library at an upcoming County Commissioner Meeting.

3. Follow steps to bring this matter to a county-wide vote if necessary.

4. Do appropriate marketing.

#3 Lack of Communication

Throughout our responses we found that people were looking for services that are already offered. This seems to indicate that lack of communication is a major issue for our library and continued success.

GOAL: Increase Communication Outlets


1. Build a library email blast to keep the community informed of upcoming events, highlight current services, and open the door to ongoing community input.

2. Begin a Library Blog (on our website) to host the same information as the email blast on a static page.

3. Partner with the local newspaper to write a monthly ‘Librarian Column’.

GOAL: Meet our patrons where they gather


1. Start homebound book delivery service to the new elderly care home.

2. Send library staff to most/all community-wide events.

3. Raise funds for a ‘mobile library’ to service preschools, daycares, and events.

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