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Radio Talking Book Service - Newspaper?

Hi, all! Shelley here.

Early this month I had the chance to attend the joint Iowa/Nebraska Library Conference (cue the -'Our corn is better.' jokes!). By far one of the greatest parts of this conference was the vendors. The Radio Talking Book Service out of Omaha, NE was there to promote a free service they offer. Being a savvy government employee- I stopped to check it out.

The result? The library now has a dedicated internet radio with access to the full schedule of RTBS programs. (see schedules below). Newspapers from all over the state are read over the airwaves for those folks who either cannot see well, cannot hold things well, or who enjoy multi-tasking while they hear the latest.

Wednesdays at 5:00 pm is the Grand Island Independent.

There are also regular programs on Entertainment, Tech, Travel, & more!

Stop by the library during open hours (M & W 2-7, F 2-5, Sa 9-12) to listen.

Visit for more information on the Radio Talking Book Service, or to listen live online.

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